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Introducing the Maker's Tool Works MiniMax

Maker’s Tool Works is excited to introduce the new MiniMax 3d Printer. The MiniMax takes the best elements of our MendelMax 3 and strips it down to the core functionality. You keep all the important parts-- for example the all metal structure, the E3D V6 Hot end, and the Borosilicate glass print bed with a bed heater-- but you get it at a substantially lower cost.

  • All metal structural components. Powder Coated Steel Plate and Aluminum Extrusion Construction.
  • V Slot Linear Extrusions for smooth, quiet motion.
  • Automatic Bed Levelling makes printing a breeze.
  • Polycarbonate bearing wheels for increased precision and wheel life.
  • High-torque motors guarantee fast and reliable performance.
  • Heated Bed included-- an optional upgrade on many printers in it’s class
  • Reliable MTW Extruder with E3d V6 Hotend allows for printing of PLA,ABS, and Exotics
  • X & Y Axis Resolution: 0.0125 mm (12.5 Micron)
  • Layer Height: There is no pre-defined limit. We recommend 100 – 320 micron. 20-100 micon layer heights are possible with more printing experience. Larger layer heights (up to 1mm) are possible with an optional replacement nozzle.
  • Large build size 200 x 230 x 200mm (8 x 9 x 8")
  • Recommended Speeds: Print speeds up to 80mm/sec, travel speeds up to 125mm/sec for outstanding print quality. Faster is possible with a slight degradation in print quality.
  • Genuine Mini Rambo made in the US by Ultimachine.
  • User-friendly MatterControl Host software makes printing easy
  • Power cord not included. The printer is compatible with power globally, but you will need to provide a standard desktop PC power cord suitable for your country

Why the MiniMax?

With the MiniMax, we set out to raise the standard for entry level printers. We wanted low cost printer with none of the compromises that many printers in these classes make.

Many similarly priced printers…

...have a wood or plastic structure. All the structural components of the MiniMax are aluminum or steel.

...come with a low-quality print surface or require you to provide your own. The MiniMax comes with a high quality, super durable borosilicate glass print bed. not come with a heated bed or it is a very expensive option. The MiniMax ships with a 220W heated bed for super-fast bed heat times. not come with a power supply. The PSU is included on the MiniMax.

...cut corners such as using cheap rubber tubing and hose clamps as shaft couplers. The MiniMax uses all high-quality components such as true helical couplers.

...use cheap threaded rod instead as leadscrews. The MiniMax uses real trapezoidal lead screws and delrin lead nuts.

...use low cost, underpowered stepper motors. The MiniMax uses high-quality, high-torque steppers guaranteeing reliable performance and no missed steps.

…use low quality or clone hot ends. The MiniMax includes a genuine E3D V6 all metal hot end. The hot end is the single most important component on the printer, so skimping here is just asking for problems. Chinese clones of less reliable control electronics. The MiniMax electronics uses the rock-solid Mini Rambo, made in America by Ultimachine.

...have no or little support. The MiniMax full kit comes with the same support Maker’s Tool Works is respected for (The Motion Platform Kit comes with limited support-- please read the product description carefully).

MiniMax Deluxe

The new MiniMax Deluxe Upgrade Kit adds several optional extras to your printer to improve your user experience, at nearly a $60 savings off the combined retail prices:

  • The new MiniMax Control Tower integrates all the electronics as well as a Graphical LCD controller into a single control box (combined value $99.90)
  • Lasercut Acrylic Spool Mount ($19.95 value)
  • 1 meter of Cable Carrier ($15.95 value)
  • LED Gooseneck Lamp ($29.95 value)
  • Extra print cooling fan (One included standard, 2 with the deluxe kit, $5.95 value)
  • One KG of MTW PLA Filament ($29.95 value) - We recommend Red or Blue PLA for beginners.
  • 100mG sample of 3D Eez Bed Surface Treatment ($9.95 value)

With the Deluxe kit you will not need to print the optional Cable carrier. There are still a few small printed parts required prior to installation that the user is responsible for. One small printed part is also required for the GLCD case.

Should I get the Full Printer Kit or the Motion Platform Kit?

The Full Printer Kit includes almost everything you need to get started printing. You will still need to purchase or borrow the following: a standard PC style power cord suitable for your country, a roll of 1.75mm filament (We recommend PLA for beginners), and the tools required to assemble it (see the assembly guide for details).


The Motion Platfom Kit is designed for people who already have a 3d printer but want to upgrade to a higher quality platform. The kit includes all the parts required to build the basic MiniMax as well as the motors and the Borosilicate glass bed. You will reuse your electronics, extruder, power supply, and heated bed. The motion platform may require some creativity in mounting the extruder and your electronics. Note: The Motion Platform Kit comes with limited support. We will provide any assitance required to solve basic motion issues, but we will not assist you with printing issues, firmware or electronics issues, or other issues unrelated to the kit itself. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend the full printer kit.