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The Create Express, the latest 3D Printer from Maker's Tool Works, continues our tradition of industrial-grade 3D printers at consumer prices. It adds several revolutionary features that make the Create Express a perfect choice for serious hobbyists as well as makerspaces, schools and businesses.

Features & Benefits

Our easiest to assemble printer ever
  • We strive to make each new printer we release easier to assemble than the ones before it, and with the Create Express we've succeeded. We've tried to simplify everything as much as possible, ensuring that anyone can build it with as little experience as possible. If you have help, the printer breaks down into three main components that can be each assembled by one person, making the assembly even faster and easier.
Large Print Volume
  • A print envelope of ~250 x 315 x 250mm (10 x 12.5 x 10") gives you the room you need to realize even big ideas.
High Quality Linear Motion
  • The Create Express uses all new high-grade stainless steel Recirculating Ball Linear Rails on all axes.
New Smart Printer Controller
  • All new Einsy Rambo 3D printer controller from Ultimachine. New Trinamic  stepper drivers give higher precision and even quieter performance. 
Optional Standalone Printing over ethernet or wifi.
  • Print from your web browser, smartphone or tablet over WiFi. Requires an optional MTW Standalone Printing upgrade or a user supplied Raspberry Pi..   
Simple, reliable Auto Bed Leveling with the BLTouch from AntcLabs.
Easy, safe maintenance
  • The Create Express is designed for high reliability, but even the best 3D printer needs occasional maintenance. With the CE, everything is designed to be as easy to access as possible, while still enclosing anything that can be a safety hazard.
And of course, MTW's legendary tech support and customer service


  • Build Area Dimensions: Approximately 250 x 315 x 250mm / 10 x 12.5 x 10"
  • Print Volume: 19,700 cc / 1202 CI (Exact specs TBD)
  • Graphic LCD control standard
  • High quality stainless steel linear rails on all axes
  • All metal E3D V6 Hot End
  • Auto bed levelling with the BLTouch
  • Upgraded Extruder design for improved performance with flexible materials.
  • Supported Filament: 1.75 mm PLA, PETG, ABS, and TPU  (NinjaFlex) are officially supported; Nearly all other print materials, including high temp materials up to 300c, are compatible but we cannot necessarily offer printing guidance with other materials. Higher temp materials can be printed with an upgraded temperature sensor available from E3D. If you need to print a specific material that is not listed, contact us and we can confirm that it is compatible.
  • Usable Maximum Print Speed: 80-150 mm/sec or more depending on the part, print material and quality required.
  • Usable Maximum Movement Speed: 500+ mm/sec
  • Layer Height: There is no pre-defined limit. We recommend 100 – 320 micron. 20-100 micon layer heights are possible with more printing experience. Larger layer heights (up to 1mm) are possible with an optional replacement nozzle.
  • X & Y Axis Resolution: 0.01 mm (10 Micron)
  • Heated Bed: 24V 220W Heated Bed included
  • Borosilicate Glass print surface
  • Power Requirements: The included power supply is compatible with 120 and 240VAC
  • Single extruder only
  • US Power cord included. The printer is compatible with power globally, but international customers will need to provide a standard desktop PC power cord suitable for your country
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. Assembly of the kit requires approximately 4-10 hours for most people, though individual assembly times will vary. No soldering is required to assemble the printer. If you add the optional Raspberry Pi Zero, you will need to solder about 5 pins onto the Raspberry Pi.

Note: All specifications are subject to change before release.