Blower Fan, 24V, 40x40x20mm

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With a normal square fan, the airflow falls off dramatically if you blow them through a duct or a fan shroud. These blower fans have lower raw airflow than square fans, but they maintain their airflow even through a constricted path.

  • Ball Bearings for long life
  • 6.8CFM @ 5300RPM*
  • 29.6dBA @ 5300RPM
  • 24V
  • 1M leads

* Please note that many fans available on ebay and other sites may list much higher CFM rates for similarly sized fans. We buy from a reliable supplier who quotes tested, real world CFM rates, and these are among the highest airflow possible in this size fan. Any numbers you see that are more than slightly above this are unrealistic and unattainable.