Replacement Nut for MTW Lead Screw

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This is the replacement nut for our leadscrews. Choose the correct nut for your screw above. If you need assistance choosing the correct nut for your printer, please ask in our webchat.


Identifying your nut:

The outer size and appearnce of the nuts are all the same, so it can be challenging to identify the differences. Here is some tips on identifying which you have:

  • All MendelMax 2 kits were shippped with Single Start 10mm screws.
  • All Fusematic kits sold prior to around Jan 2015 were Single Start 10mm
  • Later Fusematic and all MiniMax kits were Single Start 8mm screws.
  • Note the exact date of the change is approximate, so if your purchase date was within a month or two of Jan 2015, please visually confirm the size of your leadscrew.
  • You can easily confirm your screw diameter by looking at the ends that have been turned down. If that part is the same diameter as one of the 5mm screws used to assemble the printer, you have the Single Start 8mm screw.
  • The MendelMax 3 kit was shipped with either 2 or 4 start screws, depending on when you purchased it.
  • Early MM3's used 4 start screws. If you have an MM3 with white lead nuts, yours are 4 start.
  • All later kits included 2 start screws. If your kit has black lead nuts, they are 2 start.
  •  All MTW Create kits ship with four start screws