Two-Start Lead Screw and Nut, SINGLE

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Acme lead screws deliver improved accuracy and higher Z movement speeds compared to the threaded rods used on many RepRap kits. These lead screws are a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the performance of your 3D printer.  

Our new leadscrews are available in three styles offering different performance:

  • Single-Start:  Each rotation of the screw moves the nut 2mm. This gives higher torque and resolution, but with slower movement speed. for the single-start screws
  • Two-Start: Each rotation moves 4mm. These are a good compromise between torque and speed for many applications. These are the screws we are now shipping standard with the MendelMax 3. This item is the Two-Start version.
  • Four-Start: Each rotation moves 8mm. Very fast movement, but at the expense of torque. Make sure your motor has enough torque to handle your load! Also, if your load is heavy, it is possible for the back-drive the screw-- the weight of the axis will cause the screw to turn on it's own. For some applications that can cause problems.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Lead: 4mm
  • Length: 317 mm
  • Steps per mm (assuming 1/16 step mode and 200 step/rev motors): 800 
  • Screw Material: 1045 bearing steel
  • Nut Material: delrin
  • Coupler Compatability: 5mm

Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: This item is ONE lead screw and nut. 

# Product
1 Lead Screw
1 Lead Nut