BMG X Carriage kit for the IDEX Upgrade

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This contains the X Carriage Plate and the required hardware to install a BMG Extruder on the MTW Mercury. This was included if you ordered your upgrade with the BMGs, however this is required if you later decide to upgrade to the BMGs.

Please note that this does not include the BMG itself, or the required BMG Mount. This is the X carriage and required hardware only!

  • BMG Carriage x 1
  • M3 x 10mm x 8
  • M3 x 6mm x 4
  • M3 Washer  x16
  • M3 x 18mm x 2
  • M3 Nuts x 8
  • 60mm PTFE Tube x 1
  • 623zz x 4 
  • Printed Spacer x 1