Bronze Lead Nut for MTW Printers (Single, Nut only)

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We are now offering our Bronze Lead Nuts as a separate item from the lead screws. However be sure to read the important note below regarding compatibility.

The new lead nuts for all MTW printers offer great performance with built in wobble-isolation. They are super smooth and substantially minimize z axis artifacts. 

Unlike our older lead screws, these do require a periodic application of lubricant. We recommend white lithium grease or light machine oil. You can run them dry, however rapid travel moves (such as when doing the ABL routine) will be noisy. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These nuts should be compatible with all leadscrews sold with the MTW Create, as well as most leadscrews sold with the MendelMax 3 and MTW Create Express that were shipped with two-start screws. You can type "M503" in your terminal. If the line "M92" and "Z800", these should work. However in our testing, we found that our old screw supplier was somewhat inconsistent, and we cannot guarantee compatibility with all existing screws. We also now sell the screws separately, so you can add those later if these are incompatible with your screws. 

Note these require a printed adapter to work with our printers. They are available as accessory add-ons, or you can download the STLs here:

The lead nuts are sold individually.