SALE! E3D V5 All Metal Hot End for Bowden's Extruders, 3mm

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Clearance sale, while supplies last!

We are currently shipping E3D V5.0. We are out of 1.75mm, but we have a few 3mm remaining.

Custom stainless insulated actively cooled Hot-End - Contains no PEEK or PTFE, all metal design will withstand temperatures well in excess of those required for thermoplastic extrusion. Extremely mechanically strong.

This update to the previous E3D design uses fewer parts, offers much better cooling, is more easily assembled and is directly compatible with standard 16mm extruder bodies. All CNC-machined parts assure quality and accuracy.

This hot-end has been tested to beyond 400 degrees centigrade, all heated parts are either steel, aluminium or brass. By using stainless steel insulation and active cooling we have reduced the distance in which the plastic transitions from ambient temperatures to extrusion temperatures to 2mm. An extremely short transition from cold filament to molten plastic provides highly precise extrusion with little extrusion force. 

E3D hot Ends purchased from Maker's Tool Works ship with a free pre-assembled thermistor (thermistor #1 in Marlin), a $9.95 value. 

The Direct Extruder version is used for printers where the extruder directly feeds into the hot end. For Extruders that feed the filament through a flexible tube to the hot end, choose the Bowden's style.



  • Aluminium heatsink
  • Stainless steel heat break
  • Brass nozzle (0.4mm). Optional .25 and .6mm nozzles are also available.
  • Heater block
  • Pre-assembled thermistor
  • 12 or 24V ceramic cartridge heater (As Selected)
  • 30mm axial fan
  • Fan housing (printed ABS)
  • fan mouning screws
  • Two push-to-connect tubing fittings with 1/4" BSPP threads
  • 600mm of PTFE Tubing (1.2M optional)
Kit does not include Kapton tape, which is required for assembly. Assembly Instructions.