MendelMax 3 Linear Rail Upgrade (LRU)

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The MM3 Linear Rail Upgrade converts your MendelMax 3 from the V-style Wheels to the MTW Create Style Linear Tails. This eliminates most adjustment and maintenance required, and greatly reduces print artifacts, particularly Z wobble and similar effects. 

Please note that the following upgrades are required for the MM3 LRU. Depending on when you purchased your MM3, you may need to purchase some or all of these upgrades separately for compatibility with the LRU. All MM3 kits sold in the last couple years shipped with all required upgrades:

  • MM3 Machined Bed Upgrade. If you have previously upgraded, or if your MM3 included the machined bed, you are set. Otherwise be sure to add that upgrade to your order. You can confirm you have it by looking at your Y carriage (the plate that mounts the glass print bed). If your Y carriage is 3mm (1/8") aluminum, you have the Machined Bed. If it is bent steel, you will need to upgrade.
  • Improved Extruder Kit. This upgrade requires our clamping-style hot end blocks. The LRU only requires some of the parts of this kit, so if you have not already purchased it, we sell a reduced kit with just the required parts for either single or dual extruders.
  • Extended Vertical ExtrusionsThese extrusions add an extra 30mm of Z travel to your MM3. Most MM3's were sold with these 370mm (~14 5/8") vertical 20x40mm extrusions, but the earliest kits shipped with 340mm (13 3/8"). We offer these at our cost if you need to add them.  

The following upgrades are recommended but not required:

  • Our new Bronze-Nut Lead Screws offer significantly smoother performance than our older Delrin nuts. They produce a significant improvement in print quality. They are a recommended upgrade for all MTW printers (2 required).  Order with your LRU to get the required adapters and hardware free!
  • MTW PrintGrip print surface greatly improves print adhesion and substantially reduces failed prints.