MTW Magnetic PrintGrip 3D Printer Build Sheets

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These build sheets greatly improve your prints bond to the build surface. Compared to similar products, these are thicker and far more durable. They work great with most materials that we have tested, including ABS, PLA, TPU, PETG, and more. Because of their extra thickness, they stand up well to repeated, long term use. As long as you don't crash your heated nozzle, they will stand up to hundreds of prints. 

New MTW Magnetic PritGrip sheets are even easier to install compared to standard PrintGrip. They are made up of two halves: A thin steel sheet that attaches to your glass print bed with adhesive, and a removable magnetic sheet with the print surface attached. 

Because the sheets are considerably stiffer, they eliminate most of the warping & peeling issues that some users have seen with the normal PrintGrip. While they are removable, note that the magnetic material will break down if you remove them while hot, so we recommend that you do not remove them except for on hard-to-remove parts. 

These are custom sized for the MM2, MM3, Create & Create Express. They can be cut to size for the MiniMax & Fusematic.

Usage Tips: 

  • A metal paint scraper works great to remove your prints. The trick is to slide the corner under the print, and gently remove it. Don't pry it, just slide it off. If a print is difficult to remove (first layer squished too much) heat the sheet to 40-45 degrees, then use the scraper.
  • Don't use a razor scraper or other tools with a very sharp edge. 
  • Don't crash your nozzle! The sheets will stand up to a lot of abuse, but the hot nozzle will melt them. It will still be usable, but you will have a divot where the nozzle hit.
  • In most cases, you can use these just as you would print without the sheet. Start with the same bed and nozzle temps you would use otherwise. You may want to slightly increase your nozzle offset.
  • If you find yourself getting poor adhesion, cleaning the surface with isopropyl alcohol will usually help. You can also clean the surface with a damp "Magic Eraser" type melamine sponge.
  • If you still have trouble with a given filament, try adding a layer of Elmer's Glue Stick. It works extremely well in combination with the PrintGrip-- much better than it does on glass. It provides both better adhesion, and makes print removal easier.
  • TPU sticks to these sheets very aggressively. I found applying a very fine layer of cooking oil to the surface before printing with TPU made removing the parts much easier. Just clean it with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol afterwards.
  • Polycarbonate filament sticks to PrintGrip very aggressively, to the point where you can damage your sheet when removing it. Applying Elmer's Glue Stick avoids the problem.
  • We recommend a max temp of 100c. 

Application instructions:

  1. Clean glass thoroughly.
  2. Before removing the paper, place the sheet on the bed and position it properly.
  3. Use two pieces of Scotch Tape along one edge to hold the sheet in place.
  4. Fold the sheet back, and peel away the paper, starting with the edge closest to the tape. 
  5. Carefully press the sheet down, being careful to avoid bubbles.