MTW Mercury Plus™ Hot End

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The MTW Mercury Plus™ Hot End provides all the benefits of out MTW Mercury™ hot end, but in a high-flow variant. Perfect for faster printing with large diameter nozzles up to 1mm.

  • Greatly improved thermal performance reduces jamming.
  • Improved thermal performance also allows slower cooling fan speeds, reducing the noise of the printer.
  • Greatly simplified nozzle changes. 
  • Excellent high-heat performance, up to 500c (high temp heat sensor sold separately).
  • Nickle-plated copper heat block provides incredible thermal stability.
  • Available in standard and high-flow variants that are both the same length. 
  • Compatible with E3D nozzles.
  • Not recommended for flexible filaments. We recommend the standard MTW Mercury for flexible filaments.

What's included? 

  • Assembled hot end body
  • 0.6mm Nickle-plated Copper nozzle standard.
  • Hot End Sock
  • 30mm, 24V fan
  • Printed fan adapter
  • 24V Heater Cartridge
  • Thermistor Cartridge