Mini V Wheel Kit

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The OpenBuilds Mini V Wheel Kit includes Parts needed to build and mount the Mini V Wheel to a gantry to create a small form factor linear actuator guide!

These Mini V Wheels can be used on a variety of projects and are great for use with any V-Slot Extrusion.

Don't forget to order your Eccentric Spacers!

Save time and money by ordering the Kit!

Part Details

  • Material - Delrin
  • Dimnetions 15.23 OD x 9.974 +/- 0.026 ID  x 8.8 'thick'

Mini V KIT Includes:

  • (1) Mini V Wheel
  • (1) M5 Nylon Lock Nut
  • (1) 1/4" Aluminum Spacer
  • (1) M5 x 25mm Low Profile Mounting Screw
  • (2) Mini V Bearings (Version 2)
  • (2) Mini V 1mm Precision Shim